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A Note from Handling Editor

Edo S. Jaya

Publish at : 31 Jul 2019
Hubs-Asia : Hubs-Asia Vol 23, No 1 (2019)
DOI : 10.7454/hubs.asia.2310719

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Jaya, E.S. (2019). A Note from Handling Editor. Makara Human Behavior Studies In Asia, 23(1), 4-5. DOI:10.7454/hubs.asia.2310719

Edo S. Jaya Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, Depok 16424, Indonesia
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For this July 2019 edition, we have several articles that are particularly relevant to the current issue today. In Indonesia and many other places in the world, democracy is faced with a new challenge, i.e. the fast propagation of fake news via Internet. Fake news has become an issue on the 2016 United States election, the Brexit voting, and also, the 2019 Indonesian election. In this edition, Ardi (2019) showed experimentally that political supporters believe fake news that supports their position readily. This is not due to a lack of critical or analytical thinking ability, but possibly due to a lack of openness.


Another main theme in this edition is on education research. We have articles on various topics on university students in the ASEAN region. Faizah and Rifameutia (2019) investigated academic adjustment in university students in Indonesia. Yudiana, Susanto, and Triwahyuni (2019) investigated the intelligence profile of university students using a new intelligence test in Indonesia. Tan et al. (2019) investigated the grit scale in university students in Malaysia. Finally, Arumsari, Jap, Tiatri, and Jab (2019) investigated the predictors of reading ability in Indonesian adolescents.


Beside the topic of politic and education, I hope that the readers also enjoy the other articles that are published in this July 2019 edition. We also have papers on social media in this edition by Sukamto, Hamidah, and Fajrianthi (2019) and Rumondor (2019). There is also a study on psychotherapy by Yunanto and Hasanat (2019), and a scale validation study on procrastination by Purwanto and Natalya (2019). There have been various procrastination scale validation studies in bahasa Indonesia, and I hope this may be the scale of choice to conduct research on procrastination because of its extensive psychometric analysis.


In addition, I find the study on national identity by Surijah, Ayuningtias, Hartika, and Suryani (2019) to be quite interesting. This is the first published article from our collaboration with the Konsorsium Psikokultural Indonesia (Indonesian Psycho-cultural Consortium) on the topic of Indonesian national identity. More papers on this topic are coming, and I hope the readers enjoy reading them.


Dr. Phil. Edo S. Jaya, M.Psi., Psikolog

Managing Editor of July 2019 Edition

Makara Human Behavior Studies in Asia

E-mail: edo.jaya@ui.ac.id