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HUBS Asia is an elaboration of MAKARA Seri C: Bidang Sosial Humaniora (issn 1693-6701) after the name of Jurnal Penelitian Universitas Indonesia MAKARA (Research journal of Universitas Indonesia, Makara), which has been published since 1997. Starting from 2008, the journal has been periodically published twice a year (July and December). Since 2002, the journal transformed into Makara of Social Sciences and Humanities series. Later in 2014 it evolves into HUBS Asia (Human Behavior Studies in Asia) with a clearer focus on human behavior instead of a broad range of humanities and social sciences issues. Full texts are available from Volume 6 No. 1 April 2002 Free of charge.

HUBS Asia publishes empirical research on human behavioral current themes in Asia from many various disciplines applying either qualitative or quantitative method. Novel ideas and originality are emphasized in order that readers learn something new as to enhance them to conduct further research. In addition, research on frontier issues in human behavior which use robust methodology are accepted.

To be published in HUBS Asia, manuscripts need to discuss current various topics on human behavior in Asia which might be related to one or more than one disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Consumer Behavior, People Management, Communication, Criminology, Education and Politics. The emphasis is on manuscripts that promote newness, innovativeness and originality which provide high value to the readers.

National Accreditation: valid from May 23, 2016 to May 23, 2021.

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: Announcement for Eligible Candidates of Research and Academic Writing (RAW) Colloquium 2016

After we have thoroughly reviewed the articles submitted to us, we are pleased to announce the winner that are eligible to attend the Research and Academic Writing (RAW) Colloquium 2016 held on 14-15 November 2016. There are 9 winners for Indonesian authors and 5 winners for international authors. All eligible candidates are first authors in their submitted articles.  
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Vol 20, No 2 (2016): December

Table of Contents


Informal Security Groups as Social Non-Movement in Indonesia: Case of Buru Jejak in Central Lombok PDF
Yogi Permana 77-87
The Impact of Interethnic Marital Relation on the Dynamics of Interdependence: A Phenomenological Finding from Javanese and Chinese Couples in Indonesia PDF
Jony Eko Yulianto, Faturochman Faturochman 88-100
The Façade of Voice Opportunity and Intragroup Conflict PDF
Syed Imad Shah, Asad Shahjehan, Bilal Afsar 101-108
Religiosity among Muslims: A Scale Development and Validation Study PDF
Nor Mahudin, Noraini Noor, Mariam Dzulkifli, Nazariah Janon 109-121
Acquiescent and defensive silence in an Indonesian context PDF
Corina D. Riantoputra, Widya Maharisa, Tytania Faridhal 122-131
Role of Values and Environmental Concerns for the Sustainable Purchasing Behavior: Evidence from Pakistan PDF
Fareeha Naz, Masood ul-Hassan, Saiful Amin 132-141