About The Journal

Makara Human Behavior Studies in Asia (Makara Hubs-Asia) is an open-access journal that publishes empirical research on human behavior in Asia. The journal welcomes quantitative and/or qualitative articles from various disciplines in social sciences and humanities as long as they focus on human behavior. For this purpose, "Asia" refers to Asian people, regardless where they live. Novel ideas and originality that trigger further research are emphasized. Research on frontier issues in human behavior are strongly encouraged. Double blind review is observed.

The journal is formerly known as MAKARA Seri C: Bidang Sosial Humaniora (issn 1693-6701). Prior to that, it was known as Jurnal Penelitian Universitas Indonesia MAKARA (Research journal of Universitas Indonesia, Makara), which has been published since 1997. Starting from 2008, the journal has been periodically published twice a year (July and December). Since 2002, the journal transformed into Makara of Social Sciences and Humanities series. In 2014 it adopted the current name: Makara Human Behavior Studies in Asia (Makara Hubs-Asia). Full texts are available from Volume 6 No. 1 April 2002, free of charge.

Our journal set English language and Roman script references as our primary texts requirements. Additionally, we set English abstract as our default requirement. We expect all authors to submit their articles with these requirements. Makara Hubs-Asia does not charge any payment from the authors to publish any of their articles. The processes and administration is completely free of charge.

Nationally accredited: SK: 36a/E/KPT/2016 (from General Director of Development and Research Enhancement, Indonesia)