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In order for MAKARA to publish and disseminate research manuscripts, we need publishing rights. This is determined by a publishing agreement between the author and MAKARA. This publishing agreement deals with the transfer or license of the copyright to MAKARA and authors retain significant rights to use and share their own published articles. For submitted manuscripts, MAKARA is granted the following rights:

   1. The exclusive right to publish and distribute manuscripts, and grant rights to others, in open access.

   2. The right to provide the manuscripts in all forms and media, so they can be used on the later issues.

   3. The authority to enforce the rights in the manuscript, on behalf of an author, for example in the case of plagiarism or in copyright infringement.

Copyright of Hubs-Asia is also to protect the specific way the manuscript which has been written to describe an experiment and the results. Hubs-Asia is pledged to its authors to protect and defend their research and takes allegations of infringement, plagiarism, ethic disputes and fraud. Moreover, this means that your manuscript can assure attribution of your work, by making sure you are identified as the author, and you can act as stewards of the scholary record on your research.

If you as an author choose to assign copyright with  Hubs-Asia, as part of the publication process, you will be asked to sign a Journal Publishing Agreement after your manuscript has gone through peer-review process, been accepted and sent to production.